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Services are for School Sustainability Leads, teachers, university lecturers or home-schoolers and tailored to individual circumstances.

Climate Staffroom

aerial view of a circle of full coffee cups

Climate Staffroom 1 hr 30 mins

A safe space for small groups of educators to share their own feelings and concerns around climate and education.

This is an advice and judgement free zone, enabling people to share without concern for other how it is received. Sessions are structured and 'held' by the facilitator, who may reflect back your share, but otherwise, participants are requested not to comment on others' shares. These are spaces very similar to a climate cafe, but with a focus on classroom issues and ways forward.


Great topics - feelings & environment, perspectives. A calming presence and  lovely introduction to meditation

Educational Psychologists' conference organiser 

Thank you for your inspirational talk about climate activism (in small, medium or large ways!) at our  conference...  
It was a really good session and a lot of people had said they really enjoyed it


The presentation is such a great resource. So many rich insights and information
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