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Services are for School Sustainability Leads, teachers, university lecturers or home-schoolers and tailored to individual circumstances.

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For groups or individual educators or parents who would like to discuss particular pupils, situations or projects - ensuring that they take a climate psychology informed approach. Examples of past consultation work is included below:

  • Advising on the learning objectives for  climate psychology modules

  • Working with staff to discuss scripts, procedure & communication to parents in consideration of impacts such as a flood or wildfire smoke in the area. 

  • How to talk to children about climate change - consideration of age appropriateness of conversations and types of activity.

  • Individual pupil discussions - particularly for those with past trauma or SEN/neurodiversity.

Consultation - £90 - 1 hr

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Supervision - £90 per 1 hr

For new School Sustainability Leads, climate educators or headteachers who feel they would benefit from a few sessions to reflect on their practice and to have a safe space to discuss any issues arising.


A coaching model of supervision is used, where Socratic and solution-focused questions help you develop your own path, informed by climate psychology principles and an understanding of what children need.

We may engage in reflective exercises using narrative therapy, or personal construct psychology

Consultation and Supervision


Great topics - feelings & environment, perspectives. A calming presence and  lovely introduction to meditation

Educational Psychologists' conference organiser 

Thank you for your inspirational talk about climate activism (in small, medium or large ways!) at our  conference...  
It was a really good session and a lot of people had said they really enjoyed it


The presentation is such a great resource. So many rich insights and information
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