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Dr Louise Edgington CPsychol
Chartered Educational Psychologist
specialist in climate psychology 

I am an experienced Chartered Educational Psychologist, specialist in Wellbeing in Climate Education. I am a member of the British Psychological Society's Climate and Environment Action Coordinating Group, working to raise public and professional awareness of the wide ranging impacts of the climate and ecological crisis on wellbeing. I give talks and workshops in climate psychology and eco-anxiety and run Climate Staffroom support groups for teachers. I also work with national climate education and wellbeing projects including Mind and Planet, Climate Majority Project, Climate Psychology Alliance, Teach the Future and the Climate Minds Coalition. 


I am passionate about my profession of Educational Psychology, which aims to provide every child with access to education that enhances their life options.

However, also I believe that the climate emergency and its impacts calls for a radical re-think of how we prepare children for adult life. This Climate Psychology Education project (ClimatEdPsych) addresses the need to integrate insights from climate psychology into education. The aim is to help people face climate change challenges with awareness, unity, resilience and optimism.

I have a longstanding awareness and interest in climate change mitigation, having studied Climate and Atmospheric Physics and Energy Studies modules within a Masters in Physics at the University of Oxford. This led me onto an internship with (Blomberg) New Energy Finance followed by 4 years a secondary school science teacher. I loved teaching climate science in this role, but always felt that more was needed.   

After retraining as a psychologist at UCL Institute of Education, I started a working group of psychologists offering resources, workshops and consultations to our community and professionals across the country on eco-anxiety, psychological defenses and barriers to action, as well as climate communication and education. I have delivered training and CPD to tutors and at University College London, the Association of Educational Psychologists, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea schools, SENCO forum and Climate Change Teams, the British Psychological Society, Anchor (housing association), and with the community for Growing Space and London Climate Action Week.

I am also excited to be speaking at Wellnergy and Orbit wellbeing festivals in June 2024. 

Dr Louise Edgington
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Senior Educational Psychologist

“So impressive. What is said and how it is said is so well informed, up to date, balanced, carefully structured, psychological and thought-provoking. Thank you"

Retired Educational Psychologist, climate activist, grandmother

"Thank you so much for the really interesting webinar.  The research and presentation are excellent and chime so closely with my thoughts"

Educational Psychologist

"A very engaging talk, very well presented. What a great advocate for the subject."
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