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What is climate psychology and why do educators need to know about it?

Image by Jeremy Bishop


The principles of climate psychology are integral to a balanced climate education and a sustainable, resilient future. Services are aimed at teachers, university lecturers or home-schoolers and tailored to each participants' circumstances.

 Climate Emergency Engagement Officer

Dr Edgington has a fantastic way of calmly and concisely communicating how managing the emotions around serious environmental issues and inequalities will be key to taking the positive environmental action we need to see.


My children’s future is probably the aspect of climate change that gives me the greatest anxiety.
As well as the content (of the training), I found the way you presented it was very calming and ‘safe’ 

Educational Psychologist

Louise delivered a thorough and insightful discussion of such a prevalent and topical issue. arguably this is one of the most important issues of our time and helping young people and their schools tackle, discuss and feel empowered to take steps is the most vital things we (as EPs) can do. 

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